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Postive Future Fund (PFF) Launch

It was an enormous pleasure to host the Positive Futures Fund (PFF) Launch following our successful bid made for PFF Southwark, London.

The main focus of Elevated Minds is to give young people alternative strategies to build self-esteem, to build emotional intelligence, to increase self-value and to significantly improve the belief that they can have a better future. Young people will feel empowered as they develop their self-awareness, self-knowledge and self-insight through a strengths-based coaching approach. Their first step to a successful self is engagement and participation in The IDENTITY Project, followed by engagement and participation in the Leadership Programme and finally engagement and participation in the Entrepreneur Programme.

The aims and objectives of The IDENTITY Project are to ensure:

  • Young people involved achieve a Level 1 or a Level 2 NCFE qualification

  • All young people demonstrate greater self-confidence and take charge of their own decision-making

  • Young people showing improved self-esteem and talking positively about their futures

  • Young people become motivated to challenge their behaviours and make necessary changes

  • Schools and learning institutions record and report improved attendance

  • Schools and learning institutions report improved participation in lessons

  • Young people develop and maintain wider and healthier relationships

  • Schools, learning institutions and authorities report reduced conflict situations in both internal and external environments

  • A reduction in anti-social behaviour amongst participants, thus reducing the potential of them getting involved with criminal activity

  • Training for young people and their parents in Mental Health First Aid

Anti-social behaviour and violent crime are on the rise in the UK. Almost every day, the media informs us of yet another incident. It is an issue that affects society now, and it will continue to do so if appropriate and effective measures are not put into place.

The murder rate in London since the start of 2019 has soared, often occurring in broad daylight, after school. Truancy from school has been a concerning issue across the UK, especially London and is a key reason for rising knife crime according to the Education Secretary (Telegraph Online). Exclusions mean young people are not in mainstream school, and, if they are not in school then they are far more likely to offend. Often, this is also the case if they are sent to a PRU setting.

Elevated Minds CIC believe that it is time to innovate, do something different and help our young people before even more of them are lost to gangs, knife or gun crime. The IDENTITY Project is a strengths-based programme for young people. This is a 360º Project aimed not only at young people but also offering an accredited programme for the key people in each young person’s life. The IDENTITY Project will support and develop, confidence and resilience of young people through self-awareness, self-knowledge and self-insight, building emotional intelligence and empowering them to say ‘no’ to situations and relationships that place them at risk of failing at school, gang crime or other criminal activity. This will be done through group coaching, one to one coaching and using CBT and NLP tools. Teachers will receive Positive Behaviour for Learning training and learning strategies of how to manage challenging student behaviours.

The IDENTITY Projects not only puts the ownership for success back onto the young person it also focuses on their way of thinking and their limiting beliefs and belief systems, which subsequently leads to sustained behaviour changes ie, transformational changes (thinking process, belief system) rather than surface level. It’s important that the meaning of the beliefs that young people applies to whatever they experience in life is examined throughout the ID Project. They will be shown how to learn as opposed to what to learn, and how to learn about themselves, so they are able to walk away from the coaching sessions having their own strategies that they can implement at different times in their lives.



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