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Elevated Minds is an award-winning organisation!

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

Elevated Minds is an award-winning organisation!

Reflecting on our journey over these past three years, Elevated Minds CIC have received awards for our outstanding work, supporting the community, young people and their families. With a particular focus on bridging the gap between the police and young people in the local community.

In 2021, our E2S (Elevate2Success) football team came runners-up in the Hackney & Tower Hamlets Charity Cup, hosted and organised by KickOff@3.

Last year, 2022, Elevated Minds were the Southwark Stars Winners. Voted as the Community Group of the Year 2022.

We were awarded at the BBC Radio LONDON ceremony, receiving the Community Group of the Year 2022, runners-up trophy.

We earned the accolade of the 'Ones to Watch' in the 2022 list of the Social Entrepreneur Index.

This year, Elevated Minds was awarded a commendation in recognition of our community work in partnership with the MPS Central South Engagement Team – thank you to the new Borough Commander, Detective Chief Superintendent Sebastian Adejei-Addah for the recognition and support of Elevated Minds.

We were recently awarded the ‘Collaboration Partnership Award’, celebrating our work in which we have actively worked to empower and uplift the community, striving for positive change by helping break down barriers between the Metropolitan Police Service and the Black community. This award was received from the Metropolitan Police Black History Month Special Recognition Awards.

Our citation, detailed below, was read by Supt. Rachel Walmsley.

Black History Month Special Recognition Awards Citation

Elevated Minds, led by Doreen Sinclair-McCollin, engages with the Black community in London and the UK to restore trust and confidence between the community and police. Their primary focus is addressing the disproportionate exclusion of Black and minority ethnic youth from mainstream education. While their work predominantly serves Black communities, they are inclusive in their approach, aiming to support young people from various backgrounds.

In collaboration with the MPS, Elevated Minds launched the Elevated Aspirations Police Work Experience/Insight programme in 2021, engaging 300 young people aged 14 - 18 in Aspiration Days, leading to 40 participants actively enrolling in the 12-week programme. The Elevated Aspirations Programme positively transforms young people's motivation, aspirations and attitudes toward policing and their local communities.

Their impact is evident in the restoration of trust in policing - 85% of the young participants reported they believe the police are here to serve their community after the programme, while only 45% believed so before.

Elevated Minds' work also extends to the entire community, illustrated by the story of Lena, the grandmother of a program participant. Lena's initial anti-police stance shifted to advocacy for the police, demonstrating the program's profound reach within communities

In addition to their youth-focused efforts, Elevated Minds contributes to various local and central initiatives in Southwark and Lambeth, such as proposing restorative approaches to stop and search, delivering cultural awareness training to police recruits, and providing reverse mentoring to senior MPS leadership.

Their work aligns with the Police Race Action Plan, the New Met for London Model, and the Mayor's vision, emphasising community engagement and trust-building, making them so very worthy of this recognition.

Just last week, Elevated Minds proudly received a 'Great Achievement' medal at the Hope and Kickoff@3 Youth Awards. This recognition fuels our commitment to empowering youth and fostering positive change.

Grateful for the continued journey of empowerment and positive change and excited for what lies ahead!



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