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For Young People

The IDENTITY Project
We know that in order for sustained change to take place in the lives of any individual, it is important to help them to create change on an identity level.  When someone sees themselves differently, they start to make different decisions and therefore their behaviour reflects that.

If this change is evident within the lives of adults, causing huge shifts within their lives, then imagine the shift that could take place in the life of a young person.


The IDENTITY Project is aimed at young people aged between 10–18 years old to build their resilience, confidence, self-esteem and to develop emotional intelligence. The programme focuses on creating change on the identity level, which helps young people to understand who they are on a deeper level.


Where we have been successful with The IDENTITY Project is using a combination of 1:1 and small group coaching, classroom facilitation and teacher training.  Students’ progress is tracked using a combination of school/college data and personal assessments. 

Leadership Project
Once a young person has clarity on who they are, the strengths they have and how to understand and regulate their emotions, then this places them in a great space to lead with power. 

We understand that when a young person is confident enough to lead and follow their own ideas, it makes them less susceptible to ‘following the crowd’.


The Leadership Project is a 12-week NCFE accredited programme that builds upon what a young person has established through completing The IDENTITY Project. The aim of this programme is to develop a young person’s leadership skills, which enables them to further develop their confidence, their communication and ultimately become better decision-makers. These attributes and skills positively impact their attainment levels at school and their relationships at home.

Elevated Aspirations
We know that an aspect of healthy development is encouraging young people to experience new things, specifically those that they wouldn’t ordinarily have access to. 

Elevated Aspirations is a unique 13-week programme for Year 12/13 students combining work experience within the Metropolitan Police Service or other corporate organisations, community workshop facilitation and 1:1 coaching with a qualified and experienced life coaches.


The way that the programme is structured allows young people to work through any resistance with their coach, as well as attending group sessions which equips them with the necessary employability skills to make the most of the work experience.

This programme also gives organisations the opportunity to gain insight into the next generation of potential employees as well as helping to raise aspirations of students who may not have considered their organisation as an option in terms of their career pathway. 

Drama Programme
Shining Through Adversity is our Drama programme that enhances the life skills of young people by improving their confidence, self-esteem, emotional well-being, communication and personal development.

It utilises their creative thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving skills, as they take responsibility for their progress throughout the entire programme and their final outcomes. ​

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