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You Will Never Be Given A Dream That You Cannot Fulfil!



The main focus of Elevated Minds is to give young people alternative strategies to improve Mental Health & Wellbeing, focusing on social and emotional development, leadership skills and entrepreneurial skills.  We deliver accredited, early intervention programmes to improve the emotional intelligence of predominantly BAME vulnerable young people permanently excluded from mainstream school, on the verge of exclusion or those regularly absent from school. We guide young people to learn alternative strategies that will build self-esteem, build emotional intelligence and resilience by showing them how to think and learn and shift their mindset to determine better future outcomes and increase their locusts of control. Young people will acquire the skills and attitudes necessary to be productive and responsible in their communities and develop their independence.


Young people will feel empowered by developing their self-awareness, self-knowledge and self-insight through a strengths-based coaching approach. Their first step to a successful self is engagement and participation in the IDENTITY Project, followed by engagement in the Leadership Project and engagement in the Entrepreneurship Programme.

Young people will be held accountable as they take responsibility for their progress, ultimately giving them purpose to their lives.

Elevated Minds recognises that, in addition to young people, the need to support school staff, key professionals and parents is imperative. We provide a parent’s programme accredited by NCFE and a Basic Coaching Skills training programme for professionals.  Our focus is on the whole child, which will ensure that all young people are guided and given opportunities to be who they want and need to be to turn their dreams into a reality. 


Imagine for a moment that you are a young person. You attend school, you hang out with friends, you like some lessons, dislike others, you don’t really know what you want to do in the future, and you barely know what you want to do right now. Now imagine if I told you that we can help you to identify who you are, build your confidence and support you with setting goals that can significantly change your life. What would you say...?


Elevated Minds was formed by Doreen Sinclair-McCollin and Akeila Browne as a result of working with vulnerable young people who were permanently excluded from mainstream schools. Many young people had very low self-esteem, believing that they were incapable of academic success or academic progress. Their attitude toward the education system was very much nothing to lose, nothing to gain!


Why we do what we do...

Strategies to Support Mental Health

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So Dapaah Clothing - sponsor of Elevated Minds CIC, providing outfits for participants at the EM Launch at City Hall.

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Positive Futures Fund (PFF) / Southwark – Elevated Minds is one of the successful recipients of Southwark’s Positive Futures Fund. Our application successfully secured funding from the Phase 2 allocations to deliver The IDENTITY Project and also the Leadership Project.

Black Funding Network


London Community Response to Covid-19


Peckham Settlement

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Leeann's Testimony

I donated to Elevated Minds because I have had the opportunity of meeting the Elevated Minds team and working alongside them as an amateur photographer at some of their events. I have seen for myself how helpful they have been for young, vulnerable children, who no one else had believed in or given a chance to. I myself was also given a chance, as a recent first-year photography student dropout, to showcase my potential, whilst dealing with other personal issues that had made me doubt myself and my future. I am thankful to Doreen and the Elevated Minds team for helping me and others to see that there is indeed more to us than what we may have limited our own beliefs too. Also, for giving me the opportunity to realise that I am more than capable of following my dreams, despite things not going to my original plan, and me not being able to see any other route on my own.

Fozea's Letter

To whomever it may concern,

I have been supported by Doreen for a  number of months now. Doreen has telephoned me and visited me for a number of months. She has been a pillar of support for me mentally. I have a son in prison and am trying to move housing to out of London to keep my son in a safer environment.


It has taken a huge mental toll on me and having Doreen to talk to has been a huge support. She has co-ordinated an effort to get me into safer accommodation and the process is underway. Her support has been crucial as I have suffered from three mental breakdowns with the stress of it all. I have not been able to cope and Doreen has co-ordinated services from Southwark in order to support me.


I would like to commend Doreen for what she has done for me and what she continues to do for me. I could not cope without her support which has been a gift from God to me.


Yours SIncerely


Fozea (03/03/2021)

Letter from Abbie's Mum

Dear Doreen, 

I am writing to thank you and your team, but more specifically yourself Doreen for your dedication and how you have supported my daughter Abbie. I am most grateful. You are brilliant!

When we first came to you and your team at Elevated Minds; my daughter was very unhappy and not coping with school work. I was at my wits end - after having tried to get her into support groups and other activities. However, her motivation remained low and this was interfering with her learning in school.

From the first session with you and throughout all the sessions you have had with my daughter, it has been a game changer. Her motivation has improved so much, above and beyond, and she is much happier and has improved in her work in school so much that teachers have remarked about how focused my daughter Abbie is now with her school work, which is so wonderful. I just wish I had come across you much sooner. Nonetheless, I am proud and very grateful for the progress my daughter has made and continue to make, following your support. 

This letter is to convey my gratitude and through me, my family's gratitude to you and your team for your contribution to my daughter's wellbeing and learning. Elevated Minds in-put into my daughter's wellbeing, her self-belief and her own identity has made a huge, positive difference to her well-being and learning, not just now but in the near future and long term to come.

All that remains now is to say thank you so much, because you do make a positive difference to young peoples' lives and their family's lives, wellbeing, learning and their future.

Again, Thank you. All your hard work and that of your team, is very much appreciated.

Ms Abbie Imakumbili 

If you're a member of Elevated Minds, access our full range of resources for parents and schools. 

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