Elevated Minds has a number of enterprises, all of which have seen sustained levels of success. Our work falls between the following four pillars: Identity, Strong and Healthy Relationships, Aspirations and Locusts of Control.  


Each of the programmes includes basic coaching skills and behaviour management tools for use directly with young people or those who work with and support young people.


The IDENTITY Project

Accredited by NCFE

The IDENTITY Project is designed to build resilience, confidence, self-esteem and to develop emotional intelligence. This is done through facilitated workshops using techniques and questions derived from Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). It includes guiding the young people to use positive self-talk, perceptual positioning, modelling, future pacing and a variety of other techniques. Icebreakers designed to increase emotional intelligence will be used at the beginning of each session.

We offer both a 13 week accredited programme and a 6-week programme.


Cycles of Change

Rewards Management Programme

We work closely with Safer Schools Officers and the MET Police in empowering young people to make positive choices regarding future outcomes, thus reducing the potential for their involvement in criminal activity.  


This programme complements and runs alongside the IDENTITY Project, the Leadership Programme and the Entrepreneur Programme. It is an incentivised system for learning that intrinsically motivates young people and provides the support mechanisms necessary to perform to their full potential. It addresses barriers to achieving success and empowers young people to improve their social and emotional skills and create opportunities for sustainable change and significantly improved behaviour.



The Leadership Project

Developing and Enhancing Young People's Leadership Skills
Accredited by NCFE

The Leadership Project aims to develop and enhance young people’s leadership skills. Some of the feedback we’ve received from schools regarding The IDENTITY Project  (our early intervention programme) is that students’ leadership skills have started to develop through both one-to-one coaching and classroom taught sessions. By their own admission, some students experienced a change in attitude towards their learning, which impacted positively on themselves and other students in their setting. The Leadership Project builds on what was established through The IDENTITY Project.

Having Challenging Conversations

A Programme For Parents/Carers -
Customised Qualification Accredited by NCFE

This accredited programme is delivered to groups of parents (or one-to-one sessions) to help

develop parents’ confidence in communicating with their children and the professionals who work with their children.


Having Challenging Conversation training course will enable parents to use a variety of different tools and techniques, including coaching skills, to have effective challenging conversations, communicating calmly, positively and assertively inside and outside the home. This will improve confidence, self-awareness and, impact positively on relationships and improved emotional intelligence. 


Elevated Minds staff have vast coaching experience working with a wide variety of people from different ethnic groups. We can utilise and refine coaching skills and CBT techniques to a point where we can train adults who would like to make a positive change, enhance their skills, or simply build their confidence.


Professional Development Programmes

Basic Coaching Skills for School Staff and Key Workers

We have coached hundreds of young people and adults over the past 8 years, empowering them to take action and make a difference in their own lives. We have worked with young people who are in compulsory education, in further or higher education, adults and young people who are offenders or at risk of offending, have mental health issues, addictions and many other people that fall into the vulnerable client group. We understand the importance of staff having basic coaching skills to provide a safe environment where young people are listened to and are asked the right questions. However, this basic coaching skills course will enable staff to effectively build rapport and trust with students as well as being able them to evoke behaviour change and to reduce or eliminate limiting and unhelpful beliefs, replacing them with a confidence to succeed.


With such in depth coaching experience of working with these particular types of clients, we were able to utilise and refine coaching skills to a point where we now train the staff that work in a supportive capacity with clients that belong to the above groups.  The staff we have trained include Mentors, Teaching Assistants, Teachers, Senior Leaders and staff from the Youth Offending Service and adults working with and supporting vulnerable adults. 


Creating and Sustaining Change

Change Your Thoughts and You’ll Change Your World

A training course that highlights, educates and proposes sustainable change so that whoever you are, whatever your role, you will have and will be able to provide equal opportunities for all to achieve success.


This training aims to support all educationalists and other professionals to take an unwavering and decisive step toward sustainable change.


The objective is to ensure that all adults, young people and children, especially those from BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) communities, regularly experience an atmosphere of real and attainable aspiration.


Creating and Sustaining Change

MET Police Meet Elevate2Success

Elevate2Success deliver a training course to New Recruits that focuses on improving communications between the police and the Black community.


The aim is to begin to build confidence and trust in the police from the Black community. This will be achieved by highlighting and discussing personal experiences of racism, bias and discrimination. A broader approach will be suggested, discussed and offered as the first step toward finding a solution.


Without communication and listening, sustainable change cannot happen.


Restorative Approaches to Stop and Search: Breaking Barriers and Building Bridges

In proposing to use Restorative Approaches as an intervention in response to stop and search, we have the following aims:

  • To develop positive relationships between the police and young people, in particular black males, by promoting understanding and learning on the part of the young person and the police officer whom the young person has encountered during a Stop and Search engagement.

  • To promote openness and transparency on the part of the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) with a focus on understanding issues from a young person's perspective.


By working with young people and with the police through Restorative Approaches, we will encourage and promote conversations between the two groups. They will learn about each other and better understand motives instead of placing blame. Restorative Approaches is a tool of empowerment, and it is very impactful in improving relationships.

Young Teacher


“I’ve lived through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.” Mark Twain


This training course is aimed at school staff or any other professional who works with and supports young people. Throughout Covid-19, we have all faced many challenges in our personal and professional lives – ranging from minor to devastating. 


Being resilient isn’t about being unaffected or impervious to setbacks, obstacles, problems, or issues faced.  Being resilient is about having an inbuilt sat-nav that will keep bringing you back on the right route, where you recharge, become balanced, focused and resourceful. Elevated Minds will take professionals through a step by step approach to building their resilience and that of children and young people.


This training will enable professionals to guide children and young people to focus on growth through challenging times, focus on what they can control and use visualisation and other coaching tools to keep them in the driving seat of their lives.


Advocacy - Intervention – Mentoring

A.I.M. is a 12-month programme that will provide services for:

  • parents and families of victims of serious crime

  • parents and families of perpetrators of serious crime


Primarily, this programme will be accessible to families living in London.


When asked, one of the main concerns raised by parents of victims of serious crime was their lack of knowledge and understanding of how the Criminal Justice System operates.

Parents voiced that they were not familiar with the overall process and found it challenging to navigate in their bereaved state. Parents added that it was often assumed that they were able to understand what to do following the murder of their child. Yet, they were emotionally unable to take anything in, let alone know the procedures and timings associated with the process.

Classroom Lecture

The Entrepreneurship Programme –

Coming Soon 

Entrepreneurship is becoming a more viable option for the young people of today. Since the pandemic hit in early 2020, the world has seen how employment isn’t as stable as we once thought it was. Even if you have a job, there is no such thing as a ‘job for life’ anymore in today's climate. In addition, since the pandemic rising, unemployment rates have hit those who were already at a disadvantage in terms of unemployment. With rising living costs, the idea of entrepreneurship, whether full time or part-time, is looking more and more advantageous.


It’s not just about the money either; research conducted by Enterprise Nation suggests that 73% of the young entrepreneurs surveyed had greater job satisfaction than their peers. 


If we are to support the next generation with opening and running their own businesses, it will make sense to begin helping young people to think about entrepreneurship as a viable option for them. This looks at programmes, workshops, training, and coaching to cultivate a mindset for success from an early age.


Elevated Minds present our Young Entrepreneur Project.

Crate 2 Elevate.jpg

Crate 2 Elevate

We have now launched our Crate2Elevate campaign, link below.
Elevated Minds are focusing on food poverty, impacting significantly on families experiencing poor health and nutritional inequalities.
The initial idea of this campaign came about from some of the young people we support. They recognise that they regularly do not eat healthy food, often choosing a more convenient and unhealthy fast food option.
A majority of the young people and families supported by Elevated Minds are from Black African and Caribbean heritage. Therefore, it is vital that our food campaign removes the stigma attached to healthy eating by ensuring each food parcel delivered is culturally sensitive, and essentially, we want to promote that cooking can be fun. 

Elevated Minds are attempting to raise funds for Crate2Elevate, and we could use your help. We have already raised £5,500 toward our target of £41,064 in just 8 weeks.

Even a small donation would help us reach our goal. We plan to use the money raised to support over 25 families in the following ways:

  1. 1. To recruit a Specialist Nutritional Chef to demonstrate and raise awareness of how cooking can be used to increase the young people’s sense of pride when others enjoy a meal they had made.

  2. To recruit fitness coaches, one male and one female, to provide a wide range of activities beyond cooking to help keep young people fit, healthy, engaged and motivated.

  3. To commission a supplier who is both local and culturally aware to provide the weekly shop that will include fresh fruits and vegetables. 

  4. To provide 25 food parcels with a minimum of 16 different items for 25 families. 

  5. To purchase some basic utensils such as 25 pans, pots and wooden spoons.

  6. Payment towards transports and delivery costs. 

  7. To publish a recipe book at the end of the project. 

You can donate on our crowdfunding campaign page by clicking here: