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Elevated Minds Launch

Ethos/Slogan: You Will Never Be Given a Dream That You Cannot Fulfil!

Theme: Inspire / Aspirations – turning your life around from negative to positive. Don’t be afraid to TALK. Guiding and directing young people, highlighting what to do and where to go for different opportunities and towards different avenues in order to fulfil their dreams and achieve their goals.

The purpose of our launch at City Hall in July is to bring together vulnerable young people from PRUs across London and their parents/carers with *popular/celebrity individuals, some of whom have come from backgrounds similar to their own. They are from a variety of industries, such as, television, entertainment, sports, business, banking, mental health, law and the Metropolitan Police (MET). The focus is to enable young people to TALK – inspire them.

My aim is for identified professionals from the various industries to encourage, motivate and connect with the young people. They will meet with small groups of young people in the Map area with a view to becoming mentors to them, and if possible, a potential link for the young people to work toward better future outcomes.

The Violence Reduction Unit is focused on reducing crime in the capital by taking a public health approach. This means intervening at critical moments in a young person’s life, for example, exclusion from mainstream education. The work of Elevated Minds CIC is supported by the VRU. Elevated Minds offer successful early intervention programmes for young people permanently excluded from mainstream or on the verge of permanent exclusion. The Cycles of Change is a Rewards Management Programme which complements and runs alongside the IDENTITY, leadership and entrepreneurship accredited programmes developed and delivered by Elevated Minds CIC.

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