Parents & Community Members

Elevated Minds recognises that, in addition to young people, the need for parental support and support for school staff is also imperative in order to ensure that all young people, our future of tomorrow, are guided and given opportunities to be who they want to be and need to be in order to turn their dreams into a reality. Elevated Minds will support parents by:


  • Offering them an opportunity to attend an level 1 or level 2 course, accredited by NCFE, on ‘Having Challenging Conversations’. This course will include 6 sessions of delivery over a half term; qualifications for level 1 will be issued after the completion of week 6. Level 2 qualifications require further study. Therefore, a commitment to independent study as well as small group work will be required. The course is written by both Akeila and Doreen and is based on many years of experience of working with parents as well as research.


The impact of this course includes improvement with:


  • Confidence

  • Relationships

  • Self-awareness

  • Knowledge regarding their child’s/children’s education

  • The ability to have effective, challenging conversations

  • Emotional intelligence – see things from different perspectives

  • Skills and techniques regarding positive conflict resolution

Having Challenging Conversations
A Programme For Parents/Carers Accredited by NCFE 
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Staff, Key Workers & Community Members


Elevated Minds will support school staff, predominantly behaviour and learning support staff, by offering an accredited CPD Coaching training Programme. Staff will receive training in the following areas:


  1. Delivery and support of The IDENTITY Project x2 days prior to the onset of the project.

  2. Accredited Group Coaching – Basic Coaching Skills to Unleash Potential x4 days over the whole school year. This training course will also require a commitment to independent work and the completion of assessment materials.


  • The Basic Coaching Skills course will provide staff with tools to develop and implement strategies to reach their own identified goals, whether personal or professional/school-based.


  • The course will provide consistency of how learning support is executed across the school. Promoting the following:


  1. High expectations of all young people

  2. Raised aspirations for all young people’s outcomes

  3. Good or better teaching and learning outcomes

  4. Appropriate challenge and support during lessons


  • The course will also further develop:


  1. Confidence

  2. Self-awareness

  3. Emotional intelligence

  4. Leadership skills

  5. Self-belief