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A.I.M. One-to-One Coaching /
Group Coaching

Our coaching focuses on supporting, encouraging and intrinsically motivating people within marginalised communities. Coaching will empower young people and adults to strive toward achieving their dreams and aspirations through conversation.  That is, facilitate conversations that allow individuals to get from where they are to where they want to be. Conversations are future-focused. The questioning will empower and identify what individuals want out of life and how to go after it with strength and motivation. Individuals will receive encouragement and support to become the best that they can be.

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Mentoring & Coaching

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A.I.M. Mentoring

Our mentors will share their own experiences and offer handy tips and hints to help and support the young people we are working with who are seeking direction from someone with knowledge and experience in the same area, to move forward. Our mentors will provide guidance, motivation and emotional support, and role modelling. They will develop an excellent rapport with young people helping them to recognise their worth. 


The Elevated Minds training programmes give clear, logical advice about how to best move forward—looking to diagnose the problems young people face and recommend a solution to their current challenges by taking young people through a step by step process. Elevated Minds also focuses on training young people to train young people.

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