We have now launched our Crate2Elevate campaign, link below. https://www.spacehive.com/crate2elevate#.YCgHxVKYXuY.gmail
Elevated Minds are focusing on food poverty, impacting significantly on families experiencing poor health and nutritional inequalities.
The initial idea of this campaign came about from some of the young people we support. They recognise that they regularly do not eat healthy food, often choosing a more convenient and unhealthy fast food option.
A majority of the young people and families supported by Elevated Minds are from Black African and Caribbean heritage. Therefore, it is vital that our food campaign removes the stigma attached to healthy eating by ensuring each food parcel delivered is culturally sensitive, and essentially, we want to promote that cooking can be fun. 

Elevated Minds are attempting to raise funds for Crate2Elevate, and we could use your help. We have already raised £5,500 toward our target of £41,064 in just 8 weeks.

Even a small donation would help us reach our goal. We plan to use the money raised to support over 25 families in the following ways:
  1. 1. To recruit a Specialist Nutritional Chef to demonstrate and raise awareness of how cooking can be used to increase the young people’s sense of pride when others enjoy a meal they had made.
  2. To recruit fitness coaches, one male and one female, to provide a wide range of activities beyond cooking to help keep young people fit, healthy, engaged and motivated.
  3. To commission a supplier who is both local and culturally aware to provide the weekly shop that will include fresh fruits and vegetables. 
  4. To provide 25 food parcels with a minimum of 16 different items for 25 families. 
  5. To purchase some basic utensils such as 25 pans, pots and wooden spoons.
  6. Payment towards transports and delivery costs. 
  7. To publish a recipe book at the end of the project. 
You can donate on our crowdfunding campaign page by clicking here: 
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