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A Programme For Parents/Carers  -
Customised Qualification Accredited by NCFE

The following training programme is an explanation of the process, expectations and benefits of ‘Having Challenging Conversations’ training programme. 


Elevated Minds was formed as a result of the CEO working with vulnerable young people who were permanently excluded from mainstream schools.

The need for parental support and involvement was evident from the onset of the initial idea and was also imperative in order to ensure that they would support their children throughout delivery of the IDENTITY Project and subsequent programmes. With the support of parents/carers we focused on guiding young people whilst giving them opportunities to recognise who they needed to be in order to turn their dreams into a reality.

Over a period of two years, one to one meetings took place with large numbers of parents from the local community whose children were considered as being vulnerable, home visits were made to those who were unable to attend, coffee mornings, information sharing and community social events also took place so that parents were able to share concerns, ideas and support each other. The idea of the project evolved from the numerous conversations, meetings and discussions. Parents highlighted that as well as support given to their children they also needed 'something'. They wanted to feel empowered and in control.

It took almost 6 months to get this programme 'right' with regular feedback from supportive and dedicated parents in the community. All it requires now is to be tested.

We have coached hundreds of vulnerable young people and adults over the past 8 years, empowering them to take action and make a difference in their own lives.  We have worked with those who are employed professionals, single parents, people in debt, ex-offenders or at risk of offending, people who have mental health issues, addictions and many other people that fall into the vulnerable client group.  We understand the importance of the need to communicate with your child/children with confidence, especially when the conversation is challenging.


Having Challenging Conversations is a new training programme written and developed by Elevated Minds CIC. This programme is aimed specifically at parents, male and female, and will enable them to use a variety of different tools and techniques, including coaching skills, to have effective challenging conversations, communicating calmly, positively and assertively inside and outside the home. This will improve confidence, self-awareness and impact positively on relationships and improved emotional intelligence.


With such in-depth coaching experience of working with a wide variety of people from different ethnic groups, Elevated Minds staff are able to utilise and refine coaching  skills and CBT techniques to a point where we now train adults who would like to make a positive change, enhance their skills or simply further build their confidence.  The adults we have formerly trained include: Mentors, Teaching Assistants, Teachers, Senior Leaders. staff from the Youth Offending Service and adults working with and supporting vulnerable adults.  

‘Having Challenging Conversations’ training programme will focus on building and developing the following skills:


  • Building and developing skills of understanding and identifying successful techniques to manage challenging conversations.

  • Practicing conversations which are positive, calm and effective, focusing on

  • achieving your desired outcome or at least an amicable solution.

  • Identifying and understanding the difference between assertiveness and aggression and practice using assertiveness tools.

  • Using clean language techniques to communicate positively and assertively and practice using different questioning skills such as open questions, closed questions, clean questions and solution focused questions.

  • Practicing stress reduction techniques and applying to manage stressful situations.

  • Implementing change through the use of CBT techniques.

The programme delivery is quite flexible.  Typically, it takes place over 12 week period, one session per week for half day which will consist of up to three hours per session.  However, we will try to meet any timetable schedule.


All Parents involved in the training will be given a workbook with information and tasks to complete throughout each session as well as resources that they can use with their children and other adults. An evaluation takes place halfway through the training programme and then upon completion. The feedback will inform the impact achieved and help to shape future programmes.

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Assessment criteria are the same.  However, the tasks are more detailed and challenging in Level 2.


The learner will:

  1. Understand what challenging conversations are and identify how their communication might impact on conversations.

  2. Examine and explain successful techniques to manage challenging conversations.

  3. Use clean language techniques to communicate positively and assertively.

  4. Be aware of the different questioning techniques that will impact positively during a conversation, and identify the part that tone plays throughout.

  5. Practice stress reduction techniques and apply when needed to manage stressful situations.

  6. Implement change through the use of CBT.

Unit 1 - 6   Level 1 & 2 Award

Communication Skills & Techniques

Having Challenging Conversations

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