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Creating and Sustaining Change

MET Police Meet Elevate2Success


“It has been an interesting and more interactive day. This afternoons sessions were really good, especially the elevated minds session is was a great input for us to hear in person the young peoples views.”
“The elevated minds session was fantastic, really engaging and interesting and the young people who came were brilliant.”
“The schools talk and elevate to succeed were brilliant and really eye opening - the kids were brilliant”.
“Loved meeting the young people on the elevated minds project” “… the Elevated Minds talk was very interactive and brilliant speakers.”

What about today really stood out for you?

  • Conversation with kids. Possibility to see their side of the story.

  • The young men from elevated minds.

  • Elevated Minds and Lance’s BCU history session.

  • The elevated minds was really good and eye opening

  • Young people’s talk. Hearing the perspectives of

  • young people. Hearing real life experiences from young people was a very eye-opening experience.

  • Talking to the young boys from elevated minds was eye opening.

  • The ideas presented with regards to community engagement and

  • its benefits and approaches. The elevated minds session. What

  • stood out most of all was hearing black voices and how policing has

  • affected them. The whole day was really amazing.

What went well?

The input from Elevated Minds was fantastic. It was very helpful and insightful.
The young people who are involved are inspirational and hope we can continue working close with them in the future.
The elevated minds talk was very interesting. … the afternoon session with the kids was amazing. It really opened my eyes and I can't wait to get involved within the community.
Fantastic to hear from the elevated minds speakers. The young people themselves were brilliant and engaging speakers and it was so impressive to see the benefits of the programme and how positively it is impacting people’s lives. They spoke eloquently and honestly about important topics and welcomed a frank conversation about everyone’s views.
Elevate- A fantastic group with fantastic aims, I loved everything and I believe it is a good way to give their point of view and show police officers how amazing and useful it is to know your community.
Face-2-face experience with the young community is definitely needed and I appreciate it! The teenagers were brave and inspiring Elevated minds were awesome, definitely worth investing with and making more connections with the police.
The Elevated Minds session was real eye-opening. Hearing experiences from other members of the public made me think so much more and what they have had to endure upsets me deeply but I’m so glad that they have been able to overcome the way people have treated them to educate people instead.
Elevated minds were very interesting. Brilliant day, very good sessions put on today very engaging.
The elevated minds project in the end was amazing and took away fears that I had around stopping young people.

What could have been improved?

 “I didn't like the fact that the lectures and parents in the elevated minds spoke more than the young people.”

On reflection is there anything we could have done differently today?

Nothing, it was great
No, it was great
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