Elevate 2 Success

To educate Elevated Minds with ideas that will benefit youths, to contribute to media and design. 

Being able to impact change in the community. Helping improve the world by creating positive activities for youths.


Gaining vital information from a first-hand source which will improve, communication, concentration, behaviour, confidence and belief of success for all youths involved.   Giving students the chance to recreate not only their futures but all youths in the community. Teachers can always learn new skills, it makes sense to learn from the people we are passionate about trying to understand and help. Working as a collective, we are bound for success.


The work of Elevate 2 Success is to give advice and ideas to the Elevated Minds (EM) team by sharing thoughts regarding the development of future projects whilst enhancing and developing your skills. This will be done by advertising the work of Elevated Minds CIC through Social Media design, hence, devised by youths, for youths. You will be given an opportunity to contribute to an Elevated Minds project design and the content of future programmes, written specifically for young people.   E2S will be led by the Trainee Coach and supported by our Apprentice Mentor.

E2S Vision Statement

Board Members

Hi, my name is Vanessa, I am thirteen years old and I love being creative. My favourite subjects are, Art & Design, Technology, Creativity, PE, ICT and Food Technology. My favourite sport is Dodgeball. In my free time I love to watch Miraculous ladybug, Pokemon and Barugan. I enjoy listening to music and I love to sing. I LOVE CHOCOLATE. I want to go back to mainstream school as i want to have a better education and become more social. My dream Is to become a singer.

Hi, I’m Javell, I am thirteen years old and I like to play football, I play for two football teams. I am passionate about making positive changes. To become a professional football player I have had to train really hard. I try my best in everything I do. I want to achieve good GCSE’s, I’m proud of myself as I have already got a GCSE equivalent at the age of thirteen from completing The Identity Project.









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