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In 2019, Elevated Minds ran The IDENTITY Project as a pilot project at a Birmingham secondary school. Pupils were chosen to participate based on:


  • Having untapped potential – all very intelligent but are not currently getting the best out of their learning experience

  • The whole school agenda of improving boys’ attainment

  • Lack of engagement in most lessons

  • Not meeting progress targets

  • Behavioural issues – rudeness to staff

  • Persistent disruptive issues in specific lessons


General poor attitude to learning The following improvements were highlighted by the Head of Year halfway through the project:


  • Pupils were taking more responsibility for their behaviours and accepting the consequences to their behaviours

  • Improved understanding that previous behaviours had put them in the predicaments they currently faced

  • Better understanding that taking responsibility can lead to positive outcomes

  • Pupils were making better choices around the school

  • Parents shared with the school that their sons were talking about how they are now taking responsibility for their behaviours and actions

  • Some of the participants were planning ahead as they now had a better vision of what they were capable of achieving 15

  • Teachers were speaking very highly of the project and the improvements they had seen in the pupils on the project

  • The pupils enjoyed being part of the project and talked very highly of Miss Browne and the work she did with them

  • The project was allowing pupils to become more resilient