Catherine Hinwood

As a Deputy Director in the Family and Criminal Justice Policy Directorate in the Ministry of Justice, Catherine heads the Victim and Witness Policy Unit.  She is responsible for the majority of policy relating to victims of crime in England and Wales, and a £100 million per annum budget for victim support services. Her team commissions national support services for families bereaved by murder and manslaughter. Catherine was instrumental in setting up a pilot in London that gives those who witness murder access to the same specialist services as those bereaved by it. She is the Senior Responsible Officer for Victims Strategy, which sets out the first ever cross government vision, and 88 commitments across agencies, to improve support for victims of crime.


Catherine was appointed ‘Gender Champion’ for the Ministry of Justice in May 2016, providing visible leadership to around 80,000 staff on achieving gender equality in the workplace.


Catherine is very active in Southwark, her local community, on the issue of serous youth violence. She sits on a community panel of experts, visiting schools and providing advice on local and national practices and policies.


Catherine started her legal career at the Australian Human Rights Commission in 2001. She relocated to London to work at the Refugee Legal Centre, where she represented victims of trafficking, sexual violence and torture, before joining the Ministry of Justice as a legal advisor. 


Catherine is passionate about justice, equality and music. She believes that our only limits are in our minds, and that we all have the power to make change if we use our voices. “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude”.

Rikish Ramkissoon

My name is Rikish Ramkissoon, I currently work for Local Government with over 5 years experience, leading on projects and ensuring basic data management is streamline. 


In the years, one department stood out, this was Children's & Adults, and one goal I had was to try and measure the impact of lives in any way, using data as best I could, this goal still remains, in a constantly evolving society. 


I met Doreen Sinclair-McCollin (Founder & CEO Elevated Minds CIC) in 2019, the concept of introducing mindfulness techniques to the education system absolutely grabbed my attention and we started working together immediately. 


"You are what you think", "Self Reflection" and the minds chatter is what we all deal with on a daily basis - with intent then action, is a personal currency, I work with Doreen to evidence the intervention of Elevated Minds.


To be part of shaping the well being of tomorrow's society, is truly a privilege.

Gilroy Brown

Gilroy has worked in education for over 40 years. He served for 37 years in the education service which included 10 years as Head Teacher of an inner city, multicultural school and 11 years as a School Advisor supporting 20 primary schools, working as part of the Birmingham Local Authority’s Primary Leadership and Management Team.

Gilroy has successfully delivered bespoke Leadership and Management training for school leaders in various school networks. Through the National College for Leadership Gilroy provided training for aspiring school leaders and newly appointed Head Teachers on the Local Induction Programme for new Heads and the Aspire Programme for BME teachers.

Gilroy was also the Co-Founder of the KWESI mentoring programme which co-ordinated 30 mentors across 30 schools (25 primary and 5 secondary); contributing to a reduction in exclusions. Over the years Gilroy has coordinated informal coaching/support networks for aspirant BME school leaders which led to many of the participants becoming successful Head Teachers.

In addition, he is a member of the CoED Foundation’s Trustees and Advisory Board, and also acts as one of their associates, specialising in leadership and management. He has written numerous articles for Race Equality Teaching and the NPQH programme on successful leadership in a culturally diverse school setting.

Currently, Gilroy is working with Maurice Irfan Coles on a chapter in their forthcoming book, Towards the Compassionate School, entitled Compassion Through Cultural Development.

Gilroy also serves as the Pastor of the Mount Shiloh Church Apostolic Church in Wolverhampton and as Chair of Governors of the King Solomon Business International School until March 2018 and then in April 2018. He took on the role of Principal for one year, ending his tenure in March 2019.

Anthony Peltier

Anthony Peltier has had a 40-year career in education that included being a headteacher for 17 years in the Primary phase and an executive headteacher for a group of secondary PRU’s.

As a specialist coach, he has worked with aspiring teachers and headteacher’s to help prepare them for the challenges of leadership in 21st-century schools. He has extensive experience of working nationally and internationally on supporting schools in meeting the expectations of “Safeguarding” young people. As an Assistant Chief Officer with the Metropolitan Police Service, he contributes to the training and development of police officers and to policy development within the Metropolitan area.

Anthony’s passion is in ensuring opportunities for children and young adults with autism.

Onayomi Rosenoir-Patten

Onayomi is a recent graduate with a 2:1 degree in Medical Sciences and a Medical Degree (BMBCh) from the University of Oxford. She grew up in South London, attending La Retraite RC Girls' school, and state school in the heart of Balham.


Onayomi is driven by her personal desire to reach her full potential and as such has striven to get the most out of every opportunity that presents itself to her. As a result, she has been privileged enough to have played on her university football team, served as president of her college's Medical Society, and directed an international conference during her time in higher education. Since leaving, Onayomi has spent two years working as a doctor in South London and she’s always seeking further experiences to enhance her growth.


Over the last two years Onayomi has been fortunate enough to travel to over 10 countries across 3 continents for both work and personal reasons, and she is in the process of submitting her second scientific paper for publication. If you look solely at where Onayomi came from, few would have been able to predict the trajectory her life has taken. It has only been through a combination of excellent support, hard work, and a touch of luck that she has achieved what she has thus far.


Become your successful self through increased SELF-AWARENESS,









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